Welcome to our Advice and Web Links page, your gateway to valuable resources for your daily online activities. While I cannot guarantee the current status of these websites, I assure you that they have garnered trust and have been widely used. Now, let's embark on an exciting journey into the realm of online shopping and essential resources:


1. NewEgg.com: Immerse yourself in the world of computer parts and accessories with New Egg. Explore their vast collection of components to fulfill all your tech needs.


2. PC Part Picker: Discover the power of PC Part Picker, an invaluable resource for finding PC parts and building your dream setup. Compare prices from multiple sites and make informed decisions based on your specific requirements.


3. PriceGrabber.com: Unleash the power of PriceGrabber, your go-to platform for competitive price comparisons on computer parts. Get a comprehensive list of products ranked by price and find the best deals in the market.


4. Pricewatch.com: Dive into the depths of Pricewatch, another excellent resource for finding the best prices on computer parts. With detailed comparisons and a wide range of options, you can make smart purchasing decisions with ease.


5. ResellerRatings.com - Gain peace of mind by visiting ResellerRatings. This platform offers reviews for various online web stores, allowing you to double-check the reputation and reliability of the online shops you are considering. It's a great way to ensure that you receive good quality parts and avoid potential scams.


6. CDkoffers: If you're in search of discounted Windows 10 licenses, CDkoffers is your destination. With prices as low as $15, you can acquire the operating system at an unbeatable price. Use the BrokenSilicon discount code for a fantastic 25% bonus discount.


With these trusted resources at your fingertips, you can confidently navigate the world of online shopping and find incredible deals on computer parts. Remember to exercise caution and verify the credibility of the websites you visit, as the online landscape is ever-evolving. Enjoy your shopping journey and embrace the endless possibilities that technology brings!